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IT Service Status

Internet Addiction

Policy Statement:

Internet addiction is as real, and as serious, as any other form of addiction. Just like drugs or alcohol, the Internet can offer an escape from the real world and its problems. It's really easy for a five-minute Web-surfing session to turn into a three-hour waste of time.

Using the Internet means being responsible about your time and how you use it. Watch out for the warning signs:

  • You're just going to be online for a few minutes, but instead you surf for hours.
  • You avoid work deadlines by surfing the Web.
  • You skip real-life social activities in favor of online chats.
  • You spend all your spare time "surfing" for pornography.

Additional Information:

If you think you may be addicted, or if you know someone who is, check out some of the following resources:

Important Dates

Original Issue Date:

  • January 2006

Revision Dates:

  • May 2007