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IT Service Status
IT Service Status

Reporting an IT Policy Violation


All members of the Northwestern Community and users of the University network.

Policy Statement:

Northwestern University policies related to technology are created to ensure a productive and safe environment for the University community. Taking on many forms, violations of these policies open the University to a host of legal and information security risks. Some examples include:

  • The addition of equipment that extends the University network (hub/hublets, repeaters, and wireless access points)
  • Violation of copyright laws, such as illegal file-sharing and/or downloading of audio and/or video files
  • Password sharing (e.g., University NetID password)
  • Improper use of University technology resources
  • Accepting charge cards on unapproved University Web sites
  • Information privacy violations (downloading and/or allowing access to sensitive/private information)
  • Illegal computing activities (e.g., virus/worm creation, hacking)

For more information on technology use at Northwestern, please visit Northwestern IT Policies and Guidelines.

If you feel that a specific policy is being violated, please:

  1. Contact University Police if you are threatened or feel unsafe. Examples include harassing phone and/or e-mail messages.

    University Police (UP) Web site:
    Evanston UP Business Phone: 847-491-3254
    Chicago UP Business Phone: 312-503-8314
    Emergency: 911

  2. Review the NUIT policy in question to ensure that a violation is occurring. If after reviewing the policy you have additional questions, please contact
  3. Contact to report a NUIT policy violation. All NUIT policy violation submissions will be investigated within 3-5 business days.
  4. Northwestern has selected EthicsPoint to provide you with a simple way to report activities that may involve misconduct or violations of University policy. You may file a report here or by dialing 866-294-3545. This service is not a substitute for, nor does it supersede, any existing reporting methods or protocols already in place at Northwestern for reporting suspected problems or complaints. Instead, the EthicsPoint system provides an additional means of reporting such issues. Any suspected problems or complaints reported via EthicsPoint will be reviewed in accordance with current University procedures, including those described in the Faculty, Staff, or Student Handbooks. Northwestern policy prohibits the taking of retaliatory action against anyone for reporting or inquiring about potential breaches of University policy or for seeking guidance on how to handle suspected breaches.

Reference ISO 27002 13.1.1

Important Dates

Last Review Date:

  • December 2012

Original Issue Date:

  • October 2005

Revision Dates:

July 2012, October 2005