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Research Computing Services has partnered with Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences to provide researchers from across the University with access to NUworkspace.

NUworkspace offers users a Windows virtual desktop with a suite of software applications for University work and research. Its purpose is to provide eligible faculty, students, and staff with access to software programs that may not be readily available on their current desktop/laptop computers, backed by sufficient computational resources for moderate workloads. NUworkspace is generally intended for interactive, rather than scheduled or batch jobs, although it may be suitable for analyses that run up to a few days.

All Weinberg students, faculty, and staff are eligible for accounts. Students, faculty, and staff from other Northwestern schools are eligible for accounts to support research work only. NUworkspace is not available to support classroom use for students outside of Weinberg College.

See the NUworkspace site for additional information and documentation, or request an account.

Please contact Research Computing Services if you'd like to discuss whether NUworkspace is suitable to your research analysis needs. Email us at with "Research Computing Services: NUworkspace" in the subject line.

Last Updated: 20 December 2018

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