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Purchasing Resources on Quest

Full Access users of the Quest cluster have dedicated access to purchased compute nodes for a period of five years from the date of installation of the hardware. The scheduler places a standing reservation to reserve a subset of compute resources for a full access allocation. 

The reservation is created by specifying a list of nodes, a time frame, and an access control list. The scheduler is thus constrained to ensure that only users that belong to the allocation can use those nodes. While basic access users can use these subset of resources through the scheduler-enabled backfill mechanism, such usage is limited to jobs submitted to short queue, which ensures that a full access user will have a maximum wait time of 4 hours to access their purchased resources.

The Procedural Guidelines governing the usage of Quest remain the same as basic access but the access criteria, classes or queues, job duration and job size limits and qualities of service are different. See Full Access Job Commands.

Request Full Access to Quest

If you are interested in purchasing resources on Quest, please review the guidelines, Purchase of High Performance Computing (HPC) Central Compute Resources by Northwestern Researchers pdf, and complete the request form.

Last Updated: 20 February 2019

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