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Quest Technical Specifications

This page contains technical information about the Quest cluster. For an overview of the system, see Quest Overview.

Quest Architecture

Quest has a IBM GPFS parallel filesystem with ESS storage totaling approximately 3.5 petabytes. Users have access to a small (80GB) home directory, as well as a project directory with storage optimized for I/O operations.

Quest comprises four login nodes that users connect to directly and 679 compute nodes with a total of 16,028 cores used for scheduled jobs. Both the login and compute nodes are running the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 operating system. Quest’s compute nodes are divided into three partitions:

Job Limits

Researchers using Quest under a Research Allocation are limited to 500 jobs in queue at one time. Shorter jobs with a wall time of four hours or less can be run on most of Quest’s compute nodes. Longer jobs from users accessing Quest via a Research Allocation are restricted to approximately 20 percent of Quest’s compute nodes that are provided for basic access.

All jobs are subject to the limits of the system. Note that while compute nodes have 128GB of memory total, several GB are used by the operating system on each node. If requesting a large amount of memory from a node, please limit the request to a total of 120GB per node to accommodate this overhead.


Last Updated: 26 September 2018

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