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Information Security Incidents at Northwestern

Information security incidents are events that give someone access to sensitive information (personally identifiable details, passwords, academic, health, or financial records) without permission.

If you suspect a security incident has occurred, immediately contact your school or department, local technical support staff, the Northwestern IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or the Northwestern IT Information Security Office at

Any incidents involving online harassment or physical theft of a device should be reported to University Police.

Examples of security incidents include:

Reporting a Phishing Email

To fully investigate your issue, please forward the entire email message you received, which includes both the body of the message and the full email header, to Please follow these instructions to view the full header in the Knowledge Base.

Before reporting the suspicious email, please review the list of recent phishing messages reported at Northwestern to see if your issue is already a known issue. You may also wish to review best practices to protect yourself from these scams.

Remember, these are only a few examples of information security incidents. If you feel threatened, in danger, or if a crime was committed, immediately contact University Police.

Incident Contact Table
To report a: Contact:
Information security incident
Northwestern IT Information Security Office
Crime (including theft of electronic equipment) or emergency

University Police
Emergencies: 911
Non-Emergencies Evanston: 847-491-3456
Non-Emergencies Chicago: 312-503-3456

Last Updated: 17 February 2021

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