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Box Transition: SharePoint Secure Sites

SharePoint Secure Sites have built-in security features intended for the management and sharing of folders containing sensitive data, including SAFER-managed data in Box. You can read and understand the different data sensitivity levels outlined in the University Data Access Policy.

Northwestern IT will continue to evaluate security features in SharePoint and update this page as more information becomes available.

SharePoint Secure Site Features

Below is a list of security features that are included in the SharePoint Secure Site design:

About SAFER-Managed Data

SAFER (Sensitive Administrative Files E-Registry) is an application that interacts with Box to offer a more secure process for managing permissions to folders that contain sensitive data.

SAFER will be retired with the Box environment and move to SharePoint Secure Sites. The security features of SharePoint Secure Sites are noted above. However, due to the nature of SharePoint, some SAFER features cannot be duplicated. These include: 



Last Updated: 9 November 2021

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