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IT Service Status
IT Service Status

Supporting the University's Teaching, Business, and Research


Our mission is to develop, deploy, and maintain technology infrastructure in support of the University's teaching, business, and research. Cyberinfrastructure integrates critical infrastructures, including data storage, computing services, cloud services, productivity and collaboration services, networks, data center facilities, and the distributed services necessary to support the University mission.

Cyberinfrastructure goals include:

  • Running our operation with excellence to provide a reliable, resilient, and secure infrastructure
  • Enhancing institutional research competitiveness
  • Anticipating the current and future needs of the University's research, teaching, and administrative community through active engagement
  • Engaging in active partnerships with IT and business leaders across the University

Reporting Units

Collaboration Services

Collaboration Services plans, operates, and maintains the University's productivity and collaboration infrastructure. The team's services include email, calendaring, and messaging services. The team also manages the University's enterprise Splunk infrastructure.

Platform Services

Platform Services establishes the architectural strategy and deploys and maintains the University's computing and storage infrastructure. The team supports the University's high-performance computing infrastructure and cloud environments. They also provide infrastructure management and monitoring solutions.

Service Operation

Service Operation integrates 24x7 monitoring, operational response for campus-wide services, data center facilities, and campus networks. Responsibilities include data center facility operations and engineering, job-scheduling services, vendor-relationship management, and information technology incident and problem-management processes.

Telecommunications and Network Services

Telecommunications and Network Services (TNS) designs, operates, and maintains the University's networks for voice/telephony, wired/wireless data, cellular, and video services, along with connectivity to regional, national, and international networks.