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Northwestern Adds Dedicated Wireless Network for Student Devices

Posted Date: 12 Sep 2016

Effective Date: 12 Sep 2016

Northwestern is providing a new wireless network called Device-Northwestern for students living in residential campus housing beginning on September 12, 2016. This network is intended for use by devices that cannot connect to the encrypted Northwestern wireless network, such as printers, game consoles, and AppleTVs.

By using this new wireless network, students can register and share these wireless devices with their other devices and other users.

Currently, the Device-Northwestern network is only available in residential housing. In the coming months, Northwestern IT will discuss the service with University schools and departments to determine if it can be expanded to other areas of the campus network.

End User Impact

Beginning Monday, September 12, IT Support Center staff will be on campus to help students connect during move-in week.

To register devices, you must be on campus. Registration is a manual process that takes just minutes to complete. 

Go to and log in with your NetID and NetID password. You will need to know the wireless hardware address, or MAC address, for each device you register. How do I get my MAC address?

During registration, you have the option to share the device with your laptops, smartphones, and tablets or with other people.

It is important to note that this network does not have the same level of security as the Northwestern wireless network and should not be used to transmit sensitive information.

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