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Box Migrations Ramp Up Next Month

Posted Date: 24 Jan 2022

Effective Date: 24 Jan 2022

The University’s transition from Box accelerates next month when more than 11,000 Box accounts will migrate to Microsoft's OneDrive and SharePoint cloud storage solutions. The multi-year Box Transition Project began in August 2020. After extensive planning, migrations started last November and will continue on a rolling basis and conclude before the Box annual contract expires on August 31, 2022.

Taking advantage of Microsoft’s file-storage solutions introduces greater security, offers anywhere access across devices, and can enhance team collaboration. To date, nearly 20 percent of data has been migrated from Box to OneDrive and SharePoint.

Understanding that technology changes can be disruptive, Northwestern IT is partnered with campus migration leaders to implement this service change as smoothly as possible. 

"It’s a massive undertaking that affects everyone University-wide. The Division of Student Affairs IT group is using this effort as a launching point for learning about the business processes of our staff at the individual level and how to automate, streamline, and make their lives easier using the technology tools available to us, including the numerous tools that the Microsoft suite offers," said Jacob Wade, business analyst, Student Affairs Information Technology, and a Box migration leader.  

Moving to OneDrive and SharePoint for cloud storage leverages the University’s strategic partnership with Microsoft and enables seamless integration with other powerful Microsoft 365 collaboration tools.

"The Microsoft platform allows us to interact with email, documents, and chat—way beyond just a place to store files, which is what Box offered," added Wade. "It also allows us to educate our users on the best practices for storing their information, such as separating personal from institutional. We’ve been able to share the benefits of the new tools proactively, and once they get into it, they realize it isn’t so intimidating."

Tips for Settling In

Whether you are preparing to migrate or have already seen your Box content move, acquainting yourself with OneDrive and SharePoint's collaborative benefits will help you settle into the new cloud-storage environments. Here are a few ways to ease your transition:

Learn and Explore

In addition to webinar details, the Support and Education Resources web page offers you access to how-to guides, video tutorials, LinkedIn Learning offerings, and the Knowledge Base’s most commonly asked questions. You can also view the Frequently Asked Questions page, which addresses general questions about the project and specific questions on Box, OneDrive, and SharePoint. Back to top