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IT Service Status
IT Service Status

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Northwestern employs professionals who seek to make a difference and contribute to one of the world’s premier research and teaching universities. Find the resources and essential items needed for carrying out your day-to-day responsibilities.

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Resources for Reporting an Incident

Northwestern IT wants everyone—especially anyone who feels marginalized—to understand the support available to them. If at any time you are the target of or witness to an incident of harassment, discrimination, misconduct, or other ethical concern, please consider all the options below, which follow Office of Civil Rights and Title IX Compliance and Risk Management guidelines.

  • Within Northwestern IT—You may report concerns to your immediate supervisor. If you are not comfortable taking this step, you may choose to speak to the next higher management level, including the director or associate vice president responsible for your area or our human resources leader, Steven Beck. Those in managerial roles are obligated to work with individuals to address the situation.
  • HR Business Partner—If more comfortable, you may contact Northwestern IT’s Human Resources Business Partner, Tracy Walker. Tracy is available to all Northwestern IT staff and can be reached at or 847-491-7411.
  • Office of Civil Rights and Title IX Compliance—You may choose to report an incident to the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX Compliance. Visit their report an incident page to learn how to make a report and what happens when the office receives one. You can use the online forms to report discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct.
  • EthicsPoint—The EthicsPoint online reporting system offers an alternative option to report a concern, and reports may be submitted anonymously. You may also call the EthicsPoint hotline at 866-294-3545. To better understand when and what activities to report via EthicsPoint, please review the EthicsPoint FAQs.

Staff members who witness or learn of instances of discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct have an obligation to report them promptly. This is an important way to ensure members of our community have available all resources and options to support them and address their concerns. Review the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX Compliance's reporting obligations to understand those responsibilities.

Please also remember that, as identified in the Staff Handbook (sections three and four), all staff are expected to follow defined standards for business conduct and hold one another accountable for upholding University values, including by providing all known information related to incidents of discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, and ethical or criminal conduct. Just as with issues of discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct, if you have experienced or learn about ethical or compliance concerns, they may be reported through Northwestern IT, our Human Resources Business Partner, or EthicsPoint.

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