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IT Service Status
IT Service Status

Sharing Data with an External Collaborator

Northwestern researchers have a long record of collaborative projects with researchers at other institutions. Being able to efficiently share your data with colleagues outside of Northwestern is critical to the success of these projects.

The process for sharing data with an external collaborator depends on where the data is stored. See the following table for information.

Methods to share data with external collaborators
Service Methods
OneDrive Share files and folders with any email address. Review this documentation for detailed instructions. Note that you cannot share more than 50,000 files at a time. Additionally, anonymous link sharing is disabled in OneDrive.
SharePoint Share through OneDrive interface as above.
Add an external user as a member of your SharePoint site.
RDSS External collaborators must have a Northwestern NetID to access data on RDSS. The share owner can add your collaborator to the read or read-write group to access data in the share.  Note that the collaborator will have access to the entire share.
FSMResFiles (for Feinberg School of Medicine) Contact Feinberg School of Medicine IT to request access for your collaborators.
Quest Storage Create a Globus shared collection on Quest storage to allow collaborators to transfer data from Quest storage to their institution.

If your collaborator would like to compute with the data on Quest, they will need a Northwestern NetID and access to your Quest allocation.
Public Cloud storage
Create an identity for your collaborator and a policy that specifies what resources they can have access to. Then, apply the policy to that user. The exact process will vary by platform.