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IT Service Status
IT Service Status

Northwestern IT Governance

The information technology (IT) governance structure at Northwestern establishes the strategic, operational, and technical decision-making process necessary to ensure an innovative, reliable, and robust information technology. IT governance provides strategic leadership, establishes campus-wide IT priorities and policies in accordance with the University Strategic Plan, and is accountable to the University.

Northwestern's IT Governance framework is administered by the IT Executive Committee and chaired by the Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer. Its members include senior administrators who meet quarterly and report to the Dean's Council twice each fiscal year. The framework also includes several IT governance advisory committees that meet regularly and provide input to the IT Executive Committee.

The primary goals of the IT Governance effort are:

  • To align Northwestern IT’s direction with the University’s Strategic Plan and business priorities
  • To create a snapshot of IT systems and services on campus that is efficient, meaningful, and innovative
  • To share awareness of the decision-making process that determines where IT resources are applied

These goals are accomplished by:

  • Fostering dynamic and direct partnership between Northwestern IT and its surrounding community
  • Ensuring comprehensive and integrated IT oversight
  • Providing oversight led by senior-level members of the University community who are responsible for, and directly accountable to, their respective parts of the institution

IT Executive Committee

The IT Executive Committee is responsible for all major IT decision-making for the University and provides guidance, as well as sets IT priorities in harmony with the University’s strategic goals and mission.

To ensure that significant opportunities for leveraging technology are considered, the IT Executive Committee receives input from the IT governance advisory committees.

IT Governance Advisory Committees

IT Governance advisory committees are led by non-Northwestern IT chairs and meet regularly to discuss IT topics and prioritize ideas or projects that will best serve their area of responsibility.

The following advisory committees make recommendations on strategy, funding, and policy to the IT Executive Committee:

Data Governance Committees

Data Governance Committees are composed of representatives from across Northwestern and charged with prioritizing, developing, and facilitating implementation of processes for the protection and use of University data. Data Governance Committees promote data stewardship principles and drive consistent practices in data management and security and adherence to Northwestern standards and policies for properly storing, sharing, accessing, and disposing of University data.

The following groups comprise Data Governance at Northwestern:

  • University Data Governance Committee
  • Data Protection Advisory Committee